About Me

This is what I do.

Starting off with the most basic of introductions, my name is Chase Opsahl. I'm a Christian, and have been a faithful follower of Christ since November of 2018! I can stop here because truthfully that's the only thing I really need to define me, but I'm also a unique human being with various interests. A few of those interests are theology, cyber security, going on dates with my fiancée Anna, and coffee! All of which collide head on with this blog! I won't be writing about cyber security on this site, but the security aspect of running this site is a fun experience!

So, why theology and coffee? Well... the study of God's word has been such a blessing in my life. It has been a tool used by the Holy Spirit for my personal sanctification. I was introduced to theology, the study of God, by my mom! Before I started to pursue Christ by grace through faith, she would relentlessly shout the truths of God into my depressed heart and point me to exact characteristics of God that provided me with comfort and opened my eyes to God's glory!

Ok, but coffee? Well, recently my associate pastor at my current church I attend told me about how he roasts his own coffee beans! It was very interesting and sounded a lot of fun and I found out I could do it with a very basic and cheap popcorn air popper! So you will get to watch me on my journey of trying to roast my own coffee, starting as a complete beginner and hopefully growing and learning a lot along the way!

So, I'm a follower of Christ. But what does that really mean today? There are so many different denominations that believe different things, some of which are heretical, some of which are very minor differences. Where do I fall? Here is a quick rundown of my theological stances at the moment, and of course, they are always up to change based on further study and conviction of God's word!

  • I follow the one true God-man Jesus Christ.
  • I hold to the 5 solas of the reformation:
    • Scripture Alone
    • Christ Alone
    • Faith Alone
    • Grace Alone
    • Glory of God Alone
  • I hold to the calvinistic view of soteriology. (TULIP)
  • My views mostly coincide with reformed doctrine, but I am constantly trying to refine my beliefs.